Dadra Design

Web Design Portfolio

We've built a lot of websites. Here are some favorites.

Bufo Americanus (American Toad) for the Harris Center for Conservation Eduation website © Dave Huth
Harris Center for Conservation Education
Finished timber frame home for TimberHomes Vermont website
TimberHomes Vermont
Woodcut style illustration of a slip and fall incident for the Farmers Market Legal Toolkit website
Farmers Market Legal Toolkit
Illustration of people in field harvesting vegetables for the National Gleaning Project website
National Gleaning Project
Close up of a snowy owl for the Vermont Center for Ecostudies website © Bryan Pfeiffer
Vermont Center for Ecostudies
Close up of child's face for the Vermont Bar Foundation website © Delia Gillen
Vermont Bar Foundation
Dogbane beetle on a leaf for Bryan Pfeiffer's website © Bryan Pfeiffer
Bryan Pfeiffer: Biologist and Writer
Spinach growing in weed barrier mat for Gardenmats website

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