Dadra Design

Gabe Halberg

WordPress web designer in Montpelier, Vermont.

Web designer Gabe Halberg consults with a client

With more than 75 websites under his belt, Gabe knows what it takes for nonprofits and small businesses to succeed online. His informal philosophy: Get to know the client. Embrace their aspirations. Make it happen on the web.

Gabe built his first site in 2005 for his band 35th Parallel. While drumming up gigs (and actually drumming), he noticed that folks were starting to enjoy more than his music — they also liked his websites. Gabe’s first freelance web job was for a yoga studio in Montpelier, Vermont. It hit all the right poses. And as word spread about Gabe’s design skills, Dadra Design was born (and named for a much-loved six-beat rhythm cycle in North Indian classical music).

Gabe lives in an A-frame at the edge of the woods in rural Vermont with his wife Rebecca, 15-year-old kid Alex, 90-pound golden retriever Mojo, and an awesome view of the Worcester Mountain Range.